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Yahtzee Deluxe Edition bei timpaankindercentra.nl | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Info zu diesem Artikel. Quickly roll your way to victory with Yahtzee: Firefly Collector's Edition. This game comes with custom dice and a custom dice cup. Yatzy wird auch in der Schweiz und teilweise in Österreich gespielt. Im englischsprachigen Raum ist zudem die Version Kismet bekannt. In der DDR wurde das. The object of YAHTZEE is to obtain the highest score from throwing 5 dice. The game consists of 13 rounds. In each round, you roll the dice and then score the. Ich mag die Yahtzee mit Kumpels viel mehr. Es ist die echte Version online. Du spielst nicht gegen andere Spieler. Es ist irgendwie langweilig.

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Info zu diesem Artikel. Quickly roll your way to victory with Yahtzee: Firefly Collector's Edition. This game comes with custom dice and a custom dice cup. Finden Sie tolle Angebote für Yahtzee Classic Board Game. Game -Monopoly Classic Arabisch Englische Version Top -The Property Trading Board Game. Be the Dice-Master in this amazing Yatzy Duels game! A turn-based dice game with different modes to unlock for even more fun. On each turn you roll the dice.

Once a category has been used in the game, it cannot be used again. The scoring categories have varying point values, some of which are fixed values and others for which the score depends on the value of the dice.

A Yahtzee is five-of-a-kind and scores 50 points, the highest of any category. The winner is the player who scores the most points.

Yahtzee was marketed by the E. Lowe Company from until In , the Milton Bradley Company purchased the E. Lowe Company and assumed the rights to produce and sell Yahtzee.

A classic edition is currently being marketed by Winning Moves. The overall concept of Yahtzee traces its roots to a number of traditional dice games.

Another game, Yap, shows close similarities to Yahtzee; this game was copyrighted by Robert Cissne in The most important predecessor of Yahtzee is the dice game named Yacht , which is an English cousin of Generala and dates back to at least Yahtzee is similar to Yacht in both name and content.

Although Yahtzee is clearly derived from Yacht, it differed from it in a number of significant ways:.

The present-day commercial Yahtzee began when toy and game entrepreneur Edwin S. Lowe filed Yahtzee as a trademark with the U.

Patent Office on April 19, The first commercial usage of the name Yahtzee was a few weeks earlier on April 3. Lowe classified his product as a Poker Dice Game.

According to Hasbro , the game was invented by an anonymous Canadian couple, who called it The Yacht Game because they played it on their yacht with their friends.

Lowe perceived the possibility of marketing the game, and acquired the rights to the game from the couple in exchange for 1, gift sets. According to Lowe, the game did not initially do well commercially, since the rules and appeal were not easily conveyed in an advertisement.

Eventually, he had the idea of organizing Yahtzee parties at which people could play the game and thereby gain a first-hand appreciation of it.

The idea was successful, and enthusiasts quickly popularized the game through word of mouth. The E. Lowe Company sold Yahtzee from to During Lowe's ownership, a number of changes were made to the game's packaging, contents, and appearance.

The game and its contents were copyrighted by Lowe in , , , and In , Milton Bradley purchased the E. The game has maintained its popularity. Over time, the Yahtzee logo has taken several forms.

The original version of the logo was used throughout the entire period that the game was produced solely by the Lowe company.

After , the logo changed various times. This logo is found on the scorecards and the game box es. The game consists of a number of rounds.

In each round, a player gets three rolls of the dice, although they can choose to end their turn after one or two rolls.

After the first roll the player can save any dice they want and re-roll the other dice. This procedure is repeated after the second roll.

The player has complete choice as to which dice to roll. It is possible to re-roll both dice that were or were not rolled before. The Yahtzee scorecard contains 13 different category boxes and in each round, after the third roll, the player must choose one of these categories.

The score entered in the box depends on how well the five dice match the scoring rule for the category. Details of the scoring rules for each category are given below.

As an example, one of the categories is called Three of a Kind. The scoring rule for this category means that a player only scores if at least three of the five dice are the same value.

The game is completed after 13 rounds by each player, with each of the 13 boxes filled. The total score is calculated by summing all thirteen boxes, together with any bonuses.

The Yahtzee scorecard contains 13 scoring boxes divided into upper and lower sections. In the upper section there are six boxes.

The score in each of these boxes is determined by adding the total number of dice matching that box. If a player scores a total of 63 or more points in these six boxes, a bonus of 35 is added to the upper section score.

Although 63 points corresponds to scoring exactly three-of-a-kind for each of the six boxes, a common way to get the bonus is by scoring four-of-a-kind for some numbers so that fewer of other numbers are needed.

A player can earn the bonus even if they score a "0" in an upper section box. In order to gauge how well a player is doing in the upper section, they often refer to being "up" or "down" compared to the average of three required for each box.

So that if a player scores four "sixes" they will be "6 up"; while if they then score just two "twos" they will then be only "4 up".

Similarly, if a player starts with two "twos" they will be "2 down". Some players count a Yahtzee as being a valid Full House.

However, the official rule is that a Full House is "three of one number and two of another". If a category is chosen but the dice do not match the requirements of the category the player scores 0 in that category.

Some combinations offer the player a choice as to which category to score them under; e. The Chance category is often used for a turn that will not score well in any other category.

A Yahtzee occurs when all five dice are the same. If the player throws a Yahtzee and has already filled the Yahtzee box with a score of 50, they score a Yahtzee bonus and get an extra points.

However, if they throw a Yahtzee and have filled the Yahtzee category with a score of 0, they do not get a Yahtzee bonus.

In either case they then select a category, as usual. Scoring is the same as normal except that, if the Upper Section box corresponding to the Yahtzee has been used, the Full House, Small Straight and Large Straight categories can be used to score 25, 30 or 40 respectively even though the dice do not meet the normal requirement for those categories.

In this case the Yahtzee is said to act as a "Joker". There are two alternative versions of the Joker rule used. In the simpler, alternative version of the Joker rule the player retains the free choice as to which category to use, but the Yahtzee can only be used as a Joker if the corresponding Upper Section box has been used.

The original game rules released in contain a difference from the above rules. The booklet stated that additional Yahtzees must be used as Jokers in the Lower Section and did not allow for their use in the Upper Section.

This rule was changed when the game was re-copyrighted in The winner is the player with the highest total. The rules do not specify what happens in the event of a tie.

The probability of completing a Yahtzee depends on whether a particular Yahtzee is required or any Yahtzee.

The probability of completing any Yahtzee is shown in the following table. The strategy is to keep any Yahtzee, four-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind or pair that is thrown and re-roll the others.

With two pairs, either can be chosen. So if a three-of-a-kind is thrown on the first roll, the chance of completing a Yahtzee increases from 4.

This section describes the last round strategy where there is no possibility of a Yahtzee bonus i. These are the simplest situations to analyse, although even at this late stage the strategy may vary depending on the game situation.

If the final box is in the upper section, the strategy is to keep any of the number required and re-roll the others. On average 2. The distribution is as follows:.

There are slightly different strategies depending on whether a player is simply just trying to get a three-of-a-kind or if they are trying to maximize their average score.

Different strategies will also be required should a specific target be needed to achieve. The strategy to maximize the chance of getting a three-of-a-kind involves keeping any three-of-a-kind that is rolled.

If a three-of-a-kind is rolled then after the first throw the player should keep any other 5s and 6s, while after the second throw the player should keep any other 4s, 5s, and 6s.

An example is with the player keeps and throws the other 2. If a three-of-a-kind is not rolled the player should keep any pair that is rolled and re-roll the other dice, with two pairs the player should keep the higher pair, and with no pair the player should keep the highest die.

Following this strategy gives a This strategy does not maximize the average score since there are a few situations after the first throw, where it is better to keep other combinations.

For instance after throwing , keeping maximizes the chance of getting a three-of-a-kind a guaranteed score of 15 but keeping 66 maximizes the expected average score The situations where the strategy to maximize the average score differs are all after the first throw and are as follows: keep 33, 44, 55, 66 rather than or , , keep 4, 5 or 6 rather than 11, keep 5 or 6 rather than 22, keep rather than For example, with the player should keep 6 rather than 22 and with they should keep not Lowe, a toy maker.

They placed an order with him to make up a few samples of the game, so they can distribute it among their friends.

Lowe liked the game so much that he offered to buy the rights for it. The couple agreed and the rights to the original game of Yahtzee were sold to Edwin Lowe for the price of the first thousand games produced.

The couple distributed the thousand copies among their friends. Lowe eventually changed the name of the "Yacht game" to Yahtzee.

The first commercial usage of the name was on April 3, It is only on April 19 of the same year that Lowe filed the game as a trademark with the U.

Patent Office. In the beginning, the game did not sell very well. Despite all of Mr. Lowe's attempts to advertise and popularize the game, it did not sell very well in the first year of its introduction.

The reason for this was that the game just could not be adequately described by means of an ad. It had many nuances and interesting things about it and they can only be understood if the game was actually played.

Soon after this realization, Edwin Lowe started throwing Yahtzee parties, hoping to achieve good results by word of mouth. And that is exactly what happened.

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