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Wild Wild West Comic

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Batman! Wild West! All New Popular Comics: Wild Wild West Issue (English Edition) eBook: Noe, David, Fortier, Ron, Hayes, David, Johnson, Dan, Ludwig, Jim, Alexander, Terry,​. Wild West. Ergebnisse 1 - von Start; Zurück; 1; 2 · Weiter · Ende. Ausgabe / Heft-Nr. Sammlerpreis Zustand 1. 1, €. 2, €. 3, €. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Western, Wildwest, Cowboy Comics-Golden Age WESTERN, WILD WEST, COWBOY COMICS - Golden Age Collection Scanned. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Wild West 1 - Calamity Jane NEUWARE Comic Splitter bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Wild Wild West Comic Crazy Horse takes on the Dakota Renegades; Geronimos forces wage guerrilla warfare against settlers; A stolen Native religious icon brings tragedy to all who possess it. From the Play Play Store scenery to the Dime Novels that spawned a thousand-thousand legends, from the traveling shows that starred Buffalo Bill to the Instant Echecks Screen Hollywood films that starred Tom Mix and Roy Rogers, this is an in-depth look at the great Gametwisst tradition - The Western - and its place in pop culture history. Edited by Sol Brodsky. Online Casino No Rules Bonus peaked Wild Wild West Comic No. First serialized in black and white inthis is the first publication of Peppy Wortspiele Kostenlos Spielen the Wild West and the only English translation since Written by Joe R. Loveless escapes on his mechanical spider, taking Grant with him. Main article: Wild Wild West soundtrack. Published Jun by Century Distributors. Available Stock Add to want list This item is not in stock. Films directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Story and art by Herge. Issue 1 No image available. Issue ST. Film portal. Weekly Auction ends Monday September 7! This item is not Blackjack Strategie Deutsch stock.

In , four years after the end of the American Civil War , U. Army Captain James T. Grant informs the two about the disappearance of America's key scientists and a treasonous plot by McGrath, and tasks them with finding the scientists.

Aboard their train The Wanderer , West and Gordon examine the severed head of a decapitated scientist Thaddeus Morton, finding a clue which leads them to Arliss Loveless, a legless ex-Confederate officer who also happens to be an engineering genius.

Infiltrating Loveless's plantation during a party, the duo rescue a woman named Rita Escobar. She asks for their help in rescuing her professor-father Guillermo Escobar, one of the kidnapped scientists.

Loveless holds a demonstration of his newest weapon, a steam-powered tank , and angers McGrath by using his soldiers as target practice.

Accusing McGrath of "betrayal" for surrendering at Appomattox , Loveless shoots him and leaves him for dead. The three caught up with Loveless on The Wanderer.

After a brief fight, Rita accidentally releases sleeping gas which knocks out West, Gordon and herself. Announcing his intention to capture President Grant at the golden spike ceremony, he leaves the duo in a deadly trap which they evade.

West and Gordon stumble across Loveless's private railroad, leading to his secret industrial complex at Spider Canyon. They witness Loveless's ultimate weapon: a gigantic mechanical spider armed with nitroglycerin cannons.

Loveless uses his spider to capture Grant and Gordon at the ceremony. As West attempts to infiltrate the spider, he is shot in the chest by Munitia, one of Loveless's bodyguards.

At his complex, Loveless threatens to destroy the United States with his mechanized forces unless Grant divides the states among Great Britain , France , Spain , Mexico , the Native American people and Loveless himself.

After Grant refuses, West - having survived both the shot and the fall - disguises himself as a belly dancer. He distracts Loveless, allowing Gordon to free the captives.

Loveless escapes on his mechanical spider, taking Grant with him. He attacks a small town, and again demands that Grant accept his terms of surrender.

Grant continues to reject Loveless's ultimatum. Using an "Air Gordon" flying machine, Gordon and West catch up to the spider.

West battles the henchmen before confronting Loveless, who is now on mechanical legs. After freeing Grant, Gordon shoots one of Loveless's legs, allowing West to gain the upper hand.

As the mechanical spider approaches a cliff, Loveless shoots at West with the concealed gun he used to kill McGrath. He misses and instead hits the spider's machinery, halting it abruptly at the canyon's edge.

Both West and Loveless fall from the spider, but West survives by catching a chain which dangles from the machinery.

She announces that Professor Escobar is actually her husband. Gordon and West ride into the sunset on the spider. Variety first reported in January that Warner Bros.

However, Donner and Gibson left the project to work on a film adaptation of Maverick in Nonetheless, the project continued in the development stage with Tom Cruise rumored for the lead in However, Cruise instead starred in a film adaptation of Mission: Impossible the following year.

Wilson and Brent Maddock best known for writing the Short Circuit and Tremors films were hired by the studio to script the film between April and May Principal photography was expected to begin in January , [9] but was pushed to April 22, The film featured several significant changes from the television series.

For example, Dr. Loveless — as portrayed by Kenneth Branagh in the film — went from a dwarf to a man without legs and confined in a steam-powered wheelchair similar to that employed by the villain in the episode "The Night of the Brain" ; his first name was also changed from Miguelito to Arliss and was given the motive of a Southerner who sought the defeat of the North after the Civil War.

Kevin Kline plays Gordon, whose character was similar to the original version portrayed by Ross Martin except that he was much more competitive with Jim West besides being much more egotistical.

The film's script had Kline's Gordon create more ridiculous, humorous and implausible inventions than those created by Martin's Gordon in the television series, as well as having an aggressive rivalry with West whereas in the television series he and West had a very close friendship and trusted each other with their lives.

Additionally, on the TV series West was portrayed by Robert Conrad , a Caucasian rather than an African American — which serves a critical plot point as West's parents were among the victims of Loveless's massacre at New Liberty.

Jon Peters produced the film alongside director Sonnenfeld. The first demand was that Superman not wear the suit, the second was that Superman not fly and the third was to have Superman fight a giant spider in the third act.

A year later, he noted that Wild Wild West , with Peters on board as producer, was released with the inclusion of a giant mechanical spider in the final act.

Filming began in The sequences on both Artemus Gordon's and Dr. Loveless's trains interiors were shot on sets at Warner Bros. The train exteriors were shot in Idaho on the Camas Prairie Railroad.

During pre-production the engine was sent to the steam shops at the Strasburg Rail Road for restoration and repainting.

The "William Mason" and the "Inyo" which was the locomotive used in the original television series both appeared in the Disney film The Great Locomotive Chase.

During the shooting of a sequence involving stunts and pyrotechnics, a planned building fire grew out of control and quickly overwhelmed the local fire crews that were standing by.

Much of the town was destroyed before the fire was contained. The film's orchestral score, including its main theme, was composed and conducted by Elmer Bernstein , a veteran of many western film scores such as The Magnificent Seven.

The score mainly follows the western genre's symphonic tradition, while at times also acknowledging the film's anachronistic playfulness by employing a more contemporary music style with notable rock percussion and electronic organ.

The score also briefly incorporates Richard Markowitz 's theme from the television series in one cue uncredited in the film and not included on the album — ironically, this was one of the few elements to be faithful to the original television series, which also didn't credit Markowitz for the theme.

Additional parts of the score were composed by Bernstein's son Peter while his daughter Emilie served as one of the orchestrators and producers.

Like for most of his films during this period, Will Smith recorded a hip hop song based on the film's plot, also titled " Wild Wild West ".

All music is composed by Elmer Bernstein , except as noted. President Bill Clinton at the time in response to the moral panic generated by the Columbine High School massacre , which had occurred two months before the release of both films.

Warner Bros. This sparked controversy as The Iron Giant was becoming more critically successful than the critically panned Wild Wild West upon release, despite eventually under-performing at the box office due to the studio deciding to spend their money on marketing for Wild Wild West among other films.

From June 28, to August 8, , Wild Wild West was available at Burger King for a limited time, featuring two stylish pairs of sunglasses modeled after the popular pair worn in the film, with a purchase of any Western meal as well as a kids meal.

This was the last Burger King Kids Meal promotion to use the logo, before switching over to the current logo on July 1, Wild Wild West was met with mostly negative reviews from film critics.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Bombastic, manic, and largely laugh-free, Wild Wild West is a bizarre misfire in which greater care was lavished upon the special effects than on the script.

You stare in disbelief as scenes flop and die. The movie is all concept and no content; the elaborate special effects are like watching money burn on the screen.

Wild Wild West later ranked in the listed bottom 20 of the Stinkers' " Years, Stinkers" list which noted the worst films of the 20th century at 2, but lost to Battlefield Earth.

It peaked at No. An action-adventure video game titled Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin was published, developed and released by SouthPeak Interactive on December 7, , eight months following the film's release.

In , writer Gilbert Ralston sued Warner Bros. In a deposition, Ralston explained that in he had been approached by producer Michael Garrison who "said he had an idea for a series, good commercial idea, and wanted to know if I could glue the idea of a western hero and a James Bond -type together in the same show".

It was his idea, for example, to have a secret agent named Jim West who would perform secret missions for a bumbling President Grant.

Wild Bill and his pals battle the Water Rustlers; Rowdy cowboys plan to raid the jail and let their no-good friends escape. The Wild West: Days is a day-by-day adventure that tells the stories of pioneers and cowboys, gold rushes and saloon shoot-outs in America's frontier.

The lure of land rich in minerals, fertile for farming, and plentiful with buffalo bred an all-out obsession with heading westward.

The Wild West: Days takes the reader back to these booming frontier towns that became the stuff of American legend, breeding characters such as Butch Cassidy and Jesse James.

Author Michael Wallis spins a colorful narrative, separating myth from fact, in vignettes. The images are drawn from Robert G.

McCubbin's extensive collection of Western memorabilia, encompassing rare books, photographs, ephemera, and artifacts, including Billy the Kid's knife.

Volume 1 - 1st printing. By Robert Vaughan. Based on the classic s television series starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin, this western, inspired by the exploits James Bond, features the periless adventures of secret agent James West and his partner Artemus Gordon.

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Wild West WFP 1. Published Mar by WFP. Boys of Moo Mesa 2nd Series 1. Published Mar by Archie Publications. Add to cart VF 8. Wild West Exodus Outlaw Miniatures 1.

Published by Outlaw Miniatures. Published Jan by Charlton Comics Group. Published Oct by Paradox Press. Published Feb by Abbeville Press.

Fighting Indians of the Wild West! Published Mar by American Comics Group. Published Feb by Fax Publications. Outlaws of the Wild West 1. Published by Avon Publications.

Wild Bill Pecos Western 1. Published by Americomics AC. Wild West Century Magazine Vol. Published Jun by Century Distributors. Published Aug by Century Distributors.

Published Oct by Century Distributors. Published Dec by Century Distributors. Published Apr by Abrams. Issue 1 No image available.

Wild West Rodeo 1. Published by Star. Published May by Teck Publications. Published Jan by Red Circle.

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